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Make sense of the present by predicting the future

— Sam Brodie, Partner, Design

Let’s talk

Your challenge.

We work with risk-savvy leaders who are opportunistic and know that you need to innovate to grow and take risks in the most calculated fashion.

The challenge all businesses face is that growth and constraints are two sides of the same coin. Your potential as a business is constrained by your aspirations, resources, processes, and values. Maybe it’s even you?

We help business leaders unlock growth by pushing all their existing constraints aside to see the potential of what their business could be. Design future-state products around customer satisfaction, digital, and data with no bias towards preserving the status quo.

Incorrectly assessing the impact of future trends risks your customer relevance, competitive advantage, and profitability.

We develop scenarios for your product aligned to emerging economic, social, and technological factors, anchored in what matters most to customers.

Are we right for you?

We can design and build a product

We can help risk-savvy leaders chart a digital future

We can help you make difficult business planning and budget decisions around growth

We can help create a solid plan to grow aligned to emerging economic, customer, and technology factors

And Now work on a fixed cost and time basis. Customers are at the heart of the process. Clients get high-levels of cost control with substantial involvement.

What is the first step?

All we ask for is the opportunity to show you what the potential of what your business could be.

And Now Investor-led Product Sprint

We start small. A focussed engagement to develop product scenarios, a compelling business narrative, proof-of-concept prototype, and the pathway to getting there in as little as 4 weeks. We will take your opportunity through a series of clearly-scoped and separately implemented phases. At the conclusion of each phase you’ll know what the ‘ask’ is to take the next step.

Learn how to shift your position in the market

Our Investor-led Product Sprint will show you the growth potential of what your business could be.

You will raise critical awareness across various aspects of the product. This includes:

  1. A technology awareness;
  2. An understanding of why innovation needs to occur, addressing short-and long-term goals and risk versus profit;
  3. The financial costs of the product;
  4. An understanding of who wants this product, what problem it solves, at what price, and how to achieve it;
  5. Its allure to investors; and finally,
  6. The trust, competence, and motivation of the leadership team.
Get ahead of the dragons den

The Investor-led Product Sprint delivers direct-engagement with end-users and our panel of growth investors. It’s a rapid process designed to show you the potential of what your business could be.

We help your leadership team develop a compelling business narrative and demonstrate how it appeals to investors and addresses unmet customer needs.

Initial stages of the Investor-led Design Sprint involve business strategy, intensive customer and client immersion, and product strategy.

The goal is to identify and design solutions that drive short- and long-term opportunities for growth.

Subsequent stages focus on a compelling investor narrative, building a customer-validated product prototype, and a technology solution, including feedback loops with investors and prospective customers.

Fixed time and price approach

The Investor-Led Product Sprint is designed to be an affordable, fixed-time, fixed-price project. The multidisciplinary team has global commercial, design, technology, and data experience. At the conclusion of the project, the next phase is scoped based on customer specifications.

The whole process gives customers high levels of cost control by taking their ideas through a series of clearly scoped and separately implemented phases.


What’s different about And Now is that you not only get hands-on practitioners who design products, we actually build the product.

— Rob Brough, Partner, Technology

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